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Oct 25 2012 - AKAFURI
May 04 2012 - KUROKO NO BASUKE *_*
I guess I wanted something to fangirl. And it finally came. I haven't been so obssesed with a fandom for a long while.

I'm SO OBSESSED WITH KUROKO. I was more in love with Kaoru (from Sakamichi) at first but OMG Tetsuya baby has taken over my life. 

So many feels for this manga/anime. The characters, the bond(the ghey), the gameplay. Hey coming from someone who doesn't watch sports anime.

As you can see I have weakness for guy characters like Shion, Kuroko, Fuyuki and Rei. I mean they all have this demure, ethereal, blur, confused, look and they look like they're very easily taken advantaged of. But noooo they're actually very smart inside teehee (come to think of it maybe thats why I was so obsessed with Jae Joong one time) They're kind of effeminate in a way but NOT GIRLY/WOMANLY.. just really soft? XD 

Yes I have found my weakness in 2D men. And I was wondering why I don't go into some fandoms like some of my friends do because I realize it doesn't have this particular character type *giggles*

Oh gosh I should start about how I'm in love with the Seirin team so much that I ended up loving everyonee.. even people like Koganei ( I don't remember the other backup members sorry T_T) it even took me awhile to recognize Mitobe's eyebrows.

Also this past bond with MiraiGens is so afjalksjdaklsdj goddamm cool I can't decided to ship Kuroko with who. Oh gosh I'm leaning towards Kuroko/Kagami still but his ex-bf Aomine is sooo gosh all teh sexual tentsions. Kuroko/Kise is pretty cute.. but then there is Kuroko/Midorima.. gosh stupid boi such a BICYCLE.. but you can't help but to squeeze himm and Tetsuya no.2 is so cute too ^o^ ahhhhhhh.

I can go out about other teams like Kaijou, Shuutoku, Kirisaki.. how much each team strives to win and discover the beauty of being team players instead of being OVERPOWERED in Mirai Gen until the love of team playing is lost... but can't help is Mirai Gens are so hipsterrrr

I hope I can be in this fandom for a long while ^o^
Aug 20 2011 - I'm in love with No.6
Yes I'm in a new fandom. And I'm terribly in love with this pairing. Funny thing is. I'm speechless as to why I love them so much. I know they're an enigma.

But I can't quite put the words down for their relationship. All I know is their complexity pulls me in.

Need to read more novels and get into the manga.

Nezumi X Sion.. so preeety *___*
Please dearies. Add meh!!


<3 <3 <3 would to see you peeps there.

Coz the picture explains everything itself.
BRB I shall go die happily and go... whenever I'm suppose to be going...
Sep 11 2010 - Episode 11

I know I know! I couldn't resist =P

Cut for spoilersCollapse )
Sep 05 2010 - Yum... sexy Ciel
I don't know why. I just kept staring at this picture.

I don't know. Is it me or I feel Ciel is getting sexier this season? Don't you think so? No wonder Claude is liek SUPER FANBOY over Ciel.

OH GOSH If I were Sebastian.. I would rape my Bocchan once I get my Bocchan back *drools*

*runs off*
Sep 04 2010 - Episode 10
Aftermath, thoughts...hmmm

I was RIGHT about Hannah!Collapse )

Sep 04 2010 - Pre Episode 10 KSII
Bear in mind that this post is me watching 5 mins of the RAW. And that is all. And I became WTF already.


5 mins of EP 10 and pre-thoughtsCollapse )

On a brighter note I watched The Red Valentine Seiyuu Event. I barely understood half of it but it was really funny!! How Suwabe suddenly appeared from the coffin and Ono D's errr showing off Sebby's contract mark. He ish indeed a handsamu seiyuu. The Adlibs and Afureco were funny too! <3 AWESOME.. and OMG Grell getting pregnant with Will's baby LOLOLOLOLOL. This series is gay CRACK ALRIGHT!!!
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